Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry

Valentine's Day

wanting to pretend it meant more
than nothing
she closed her eyes
but not her legs
as usual they were open
It was Valentine's Day
one more excuse
to get laid

which was as close
as she would ever get
to love

wanting to pretend it meant nothing
she opened her eyes
when he turned away
from her lips
(secretly hoping he might kiss her this time)
as usual he did not

wanting to pretend it meant more
than nothing
she closed her heart
but not her legs
as usual they were open

one more excuse
to get laid
which was as close
as she would ever get
to love

Ivy of Envy

Ivy of Envy she's winding green
her tickling tendrils of hate
meandering me, she slowly grows
her touch a quiet treachery

Encompassing this trellis of my heart
she whispers, "It is ok to long"
slithering over once satisfied
twisting what once was strong

Sprouting blooms of jealousy
her scents so sickly sweet
constant thought of why not me
vile vines climb in conceit

Beware the vines of Envy
poison fruit her labors bring
no comfort ever to be found
no hope of satiety


               Tabula Rasa

Who will quench the Fire?

Delicious delight dove in
sensitive spaces of my skin
usually unseen by eyes
perfect places in between
neverending nightmare and dream
lithe lovely land of sighs

continuosly crept lower still
want weakening my will
erotic electrical desire
bestial burrowing under skin
feverish flame fueled with sin
who will quench the fire?




Shake out some light

For my footsteps to follow

Hold the dark at bay

Peel back the night

Let in some light

Reveal the world's color to me

Stripping away my garments of gray

Leaving me in agony

The If of One Lost Chance

whispers remind of long lost chance
reverberate within her mind
memory a stolen glance
glimpse of another time
what could have been but will not be
old thoughts of something more
call out to her in sing song soft
What is it you long for?
Have you loved enough?
Cried too much?
buried deep down your own soul
Did you pass him up your one true love?
breathe away your dreams
in thoughtless pants of normalcy
to please all but the one
The one who caused your soul to bleed?
to come alive and dance
from the memory she runs again
too painful is
the IF of one lost chance


In Exchange For Sanity

how long this poisin has been seeping
from ancient wounds cut long ago
sinful secret, a vile beast sleeping
I can't be sure, I do not know

cloaked in memory, a kindness
a sweet charity of mind
ignorance will disguise as bliss
until I earn the strength of time
leave my childhood in the darkness
left to be a victimless crime

I unaware of poisin
she inside a frail heart weeps
left ungaurded while I lie sleeping
she is tortured by the beast

I pondering possession
she is hers I am mine
vile beast by name repression
left asleep within my mind

shall I wake this beast
for slaying save the she
that once was I
or leave the beast to conscious sleeping
in exchange for sanity?

on waking I hear echoes
cries from another time
slay our beast
she begs for freedom
give back to her what's mine


Please Do Not Reply

words are words are words
we use them to deceive
we don't need them to communicate
we don't need them to breathe
words are words are words
that don't mean a damn thing
we chew them up we spit them out
roll them when we sing
a word two words three words
we string along the line
we use them to convince ourselves
and others that we're fine
your words our words are worthless
they hide our true insides
we build them up in honesty
tear them down in lies
there are no words to explain to me
the look within your eye
so keep your words
they're meaningless
please do not reply

Open The Door


Dealer of death

Taker of breath

Here is a guinea

Open the door

Pray remove my head

Or hang by my neck

I care not for life anymore

I beg take from me

My life set me free

I grow tired, I can not endure

No joy left for me

I am empty, I grieve

Pray take the guinea

Open the door


People, words, places replaying in my mind


Why can't I make these scenes replay in real time?


Remote control of life, with a button marked rewind


Pause it here, change a word, make more time


Just a pause, rewind a bit, all that I would need


If only a remote control could bring you back to me


4 Inches



I live 4 inches everyday
Just 4 inches, not far away
4 inches from what I have seen
4 inches from what you might have been
In 4 inches breathes eternity
4 inches could have kept you here with me
Only 4 inches
4 inches down
What lies in this small space
From the ground?
4 inches of pain
4 inches of fear
4 inches away from all you hold dear
Indeed 4 inches was enough
All it took was 4 inches
to take you from us

Gray Soul Dancing



Black skies rise over open tombs again

She arrives, finds out about

feeling cold and dead

the only dark part her soul

dancing in silence

where crows await

Now gray souls fade into black beginnings

then live once more