Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry

Missing pieces...

There are many things in this world that get lost everyday.  A pair of car keys is enough to drive a person crazy until they are found, an earring, a bank card, a pet. 

Imagine what it must be like when the item that is lost is instead a person, a mother, a son, a sister.....How hard would you look, how long would you search?  You would search until the end of time....

There are many people out there doing just that.  Looking, asking questions, hanging flyers, BEGGING the world to help them find the one they seek.  Many of us will never know the pain they feel, may never even hear about such things.  We may even think it does not happen that often.  Truth is it happens every single day.  There are many more missing people in this world than most people are aware of.  Can you imagine?  A world so big it can swallow a person, never to be seen again?




This is one of the most mind boggling cases I have read yet, a completely unfair set of circumstances and his family needs help!  Something is not right with this and justice needs to be served.  Please let as many people know about this as possible.  Something like this should not be allowed to pass by unnoticed.  Someone took Billy from his family and he needs to be found!

The Where, The When, The Why

Missing I am Missing
Gone without a trace
Paper Memories everywhere
Echoes of my face
People asking questions, where, when & why
Rumor's wings are spreading
Accusations fly
My Mom, My Dad, My family
All searching for a sign
Wondering what's become of me
Replaying the last time
The last time that they seen my face
Was there sadness there?
Something that could cause this grief?
Were they unaware?
A shadow deep within my eyes
Hint of some despair
A reason I would walk away
They are looking everywhere
Or was it just a chance of fate
A thought too hard to bear
The questions drive them mad at night
It is thier greatest fear
The torture goes on daily
The thorn stuck in the mind
Thoughts that steal sweet sleep at night
The Where, The When, The Why......