Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry

When We're Apart

twilight ache

violent intensity


of you

washing over me

licking at my heart

unknown before

your propensity

to awake delight



creates a void


I ache

I need

to be

full of you




The Lover



I will never forget the day
my friend she said to me
I now have a lover
my lover is the sea
Being just a girl
a girl of only ten
I said to her oh really
the sky is my lover then
she said to me you have the sky
my lover is the ocean
we went our way
the time to play
was over for the day
My lover is the ocean
she said to me again
this time I was not ten
I said to her you're a lady now
that can never be
your not a girl
stop telling lies to me
she said oh yes
the ocean is my lover
he covers me in waves
he lines my lashes with diamonds
and in his arms I lay
he calls to me at night and bids me to come stay
I to her did say
why bother me with silly tales
please do now go away
the ocean is my lover
my mind it never left
I think of her sometimes
and it leaves my heart bereft
she went one night to the sea
and danced with him it seems
she kissed his sweet and salty lips
and lived with him in dreams
she stayed all night within his arms
until she fell asleep
the ocean is her lover
and now the two are wed
she lives with him within the deep
the thought fills me with dread

A Moment

striving for understanding
of a system said divine
lacking the perception
necessary to be sublime

I am left alone
in a world dark with cold
understanding less and less
each day
growing tired
feeling old

searching for an answer
for a door never there
hungry for an answer
I long to be aware

dim from all the dark days
eyes longing for sunshine
reaching for a destiny
a moment to mark my time

Color felt not seen

if I could
I would repaint the world
in hues of bluegoldgreen
cover up the black and white
in color felt not seen
turn eyes of man
to ears of child
swirls of laughter
surround spots of sin
blotted out by blank within
sweep my brush with sparks of silver
across an inkblack sky
making noise a child's laughter
silly songs of why

Never Question Your Soul

Yes she screamed
I am my own me

he replied in whirled whispers
there is no such condition

All is repitition
with humanity

in tears she cried out
I will hear you not
no one lives or died
that has this~my heart

he replies in a hiss
A heart what is this?
Oh silly sad girl
simply a commodity
a part in this world

if you should die
your heart they'll rip out
gently slip it in another
to beat it about

So what of my mind? she screamed
now quite scared
the devilish fiend had caught her unaware

A mind what is this?
A vault for your thought?
thoughts of countless others
a mind is easily bought

Finally she whispered
tell me of my soul

he replied with loud laughter
oh yes that's my goal.....


Death 300 Miles

If life is just a road
that leads to the town
of Death
I will toss out the directions
and do my very best
to lose my way
and stop and play
along the road to Death



Crazy I think I'm going there
an empty room noone around
to hear me scream and stare
Sane that's where I used to live
A comfortable home, but I was alone
Now I have friends who care
So what if you say they're only in my head
They are with me now and they'll always be even when I'm dead
Afraid? You are? But why should I?
I get to scream & hit & bite
and then laugh when you cry


They say forgiveness will set you free
I say why fight destiny?
If this is the way that it must be
I will no longer fight
that will set me free
If I let go if I no longer care
I will be free forever here
no pain, no shame, no worry, no fear
I will be free no cross to bear

I am so sorry

Oh I am so sorry
you did not like my verse
You want words of soft touch love?
Maybe when I am not so terse
I'll get inspiration from above
not from deep inside
where the truth lives free
the mighty river runs wide
floods the banks of nicety
with the wicked waters of honesty
leaving no survivors just me

One Word

The look of grief on a fathers face
a young girls body laid to waste
Old woman shakes her head in disbelief
Why oh why she signs in grief
her mother bends down with tears in her eyes
one final kiss last goodbye
why oh why no one can explain
rather see her in the ground
than in that pain
a man forlorn a marriage brand new
till death do us part
he remembers the day and hopes she does too
Never knowing till now what the words impart
the pain caused by the breaking of his heart
what a crying shame one word caused this pain

Old Man Death

I met him there
on the road to life
Old man death
so full of strife
who goes now said him to me
I have no idea lets go see
we walked a while and
talked some more
not long after we were at my door
Please come in I said to he
then followed him to eternity.