Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry

Oh God if you're out there please hear me....
How come we never talk anymore?

Have Mercy

                   again I went to see him
             not sure if he     knows I am here
             trying hard to     catch his attention
             wondering does     he know I'm there
            waiting wanting     begging hoping 
     for an answer           I           need some small sign
  one of thousands           N           interloping
           standing witness  R  we to another time
       pleading forgiveness  I  am to you for coping
           with our acts in     this way, so divine
                  each week     coming together
              trying harder     every day
        to stop the sinning     you were hung for
                    Have Mercy we all pray

Not Me

My dear, I have been thinking
we seriously need to talk
I know that she hurt you
but it's not my fault

I am so tired of paying
for mistakes that are not mine
it is not fair
for me to carry this burden
all of the time

I am not her, I am me
why act like I am
the same girl
who hurt you
I'm not, I'm your friend

I am willing to forgive you
if you are willing to see
that girl in the garden
with the apple was not me


Some Time To Lie

Contained within my last breath
will it be peace
or all regrets?
Will I think oh no not yet!
don't take me now...
because I forget
to do simple things like say I love
To plead for mercy from God above
No please I must apolize
for evil things like lust and lies
I am sorry now, I know I am wrong
It's just that I thought
my life would be long
I would have more time before I died
for crocodile tears that I must cry
It takes time to fake regret
It can't be done in one short breath
Oh please kind Sir I beg of you
Just two more please
that should do
one more small breath
some time to lie
my way
into Heaven
before I die....



Cover me in cold
lay me down to sleep
quiet my soul with snow
sharp icicles when I weep
speak a storm to disguise
my dirty world of sin
from judgment calls and prying eyes
that never look within
cover me in genuflection
so that I can dream reflection
still soft worlds of peace
of pureness & perfection
Blanket me with pure white
flakes of absolution
I sin I sin I sin
I am only human

Dear God

Dear God
Me again
with a favor
of course
tell me
how long and what for your plan will it be
to bring more torture and pain for me
when will it be over I know I have sinned
but this
pain it
is hard
it hurts
let me
in please
me the
way to
stop all
this pain
for solace
I pray


God I am tired
do you make this world such a cold place
what is the necessity of sadness
this ache?
I don't understand this need for pain?
You take some away
you make some remain
what is it we are supposed to learn?
why with this pain our souls black
you burn?
please make it easier
make sunshine
send light
hold us aloft
lift us to flight
I know, I know
I am not supposed to ask
But God I'm so tired
don't know how long I can last
Please God I pray
I learned enough for one day
lesson is over I need sweet relief
Just for one day
Please God
I pray for some peace

God Of Ink

ohhhh I wish I could write
like you
magically linking words together to
make others see the world in my head
feel it grow and changing with every breath
or maybe I wish I could think like you
and the words would spill for me on paper like water to
create a color not seen by human eyes
cause joyous rapture and envious sighs
or maybe I wish I could feel like you
yearnings of heart tearful and true
or maybe I wish could create like you do
weave heaven and hell of sentences to
give poor mankind something to look
forward to
a God of ink just like you