Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry




Without Pain would any of us recognize the face of Joy?



she's sending out the invitations today
to the birthday party that
given the choice
you'd never attend

your 21st spent
among friends you've never met
the birthday party that
you'll never attend
but will remain at forever

wondering if she was giving
when you could attend
if she would have been
would you be here now?

thinking that
given the choice
I will not attend


Soul of A Guilt Ridden Mother


Not realizing that it was she
She who offered him up
to the dark
he was her sacrifice
To the God of her martyred motherhood
his funeral pyre built of her suicide threats
she scrawled in crayon, on the too fragile paper of his mind

Did I mention
how she refuses to take credit for his ugliness

But how easily she takes credit for his beauty
refusing to see the pain she gave so freely
That he also accepted
as only a child could

How the pain he carried
turned to cuts on his arms
and his soul
razored there by her sharp words
little slices of hate that never heal
still bleeding today
long after his flesh is available for damage
his soul remains

in the minds of others, in hers as well
always will she be
pacing over a floor of regret
polished to a shine
only made possible by the soul
of a guilt ridden mother




He looked so clean, perfect almost
a never before seen seriousness
handsome and mature
a first

we had all waited to see him grow up
Everyone came
No one would miss this moment
his first

oh there were others
other important times
they had missed always knowing
there would be more time

They looked serious also
a response to the importance of the day
somber almost a never before seen quiet
a first

all together no fighting
serious and well groomed
a first
they had all been waiting too

to see him
grow up

No one would miss this moment
There would never be another
not like this time
he looked handsome so grown up
his suit a perfect fit
a first
They had all been waiting
to see him
grow up

Who knew he could die first

nothing could be this important
there would be just this time
a first
and last chance to say goodbye


Author's Note: sad but true

Aye Sea

We are only sea
drifting drops are people
generational waves our sea
we our only sea
shifting shapes of people
undulating anemones

see our only we
in waves of anonymity
surging currents of animosity
enemies aweigh futility

Aye Sea is as I see
all aweful humanity schooling
masses baited by awful reality
we rushing unendingly
roaring to deaths shore


She weeps in words

She weeps in words
though seldom heard
they scream out with the pain
Shrill clear vowels
arise from the bowels
where a part of her remains
A consonant undertaking
to keep her heart from breaking
These words form the chains
Formed link by link
in pen of red ink
Crossed back and forth
around my heart
oh the cost
of living
& losing

Knives of Life



Rip from me
knives of glass
embedded in my heart
with every and every breath I take
they are tearing me apart

each crystal dagger
formed by life
edged by lies
sharpened to perfection
ripping into hidden places
unseen in mere reflection

pull them out
knives of lies
remove a butcher's tools
heal my secret wounds
make me whole
I long to be renewed

Take a Ride With Me



In my rearview mirror I see him
he rides again with me
singing in my back seat
I wonder how this can be?
you have been gone a long time now
why stay here you are free
I guess he likes the rock and roll
the rhythm of it flows
likes being in my car
driving along a long dark road
and traveling afar
asking me for cigarettes
even though he smokes no more
Being human I guess he thinks
he really is still here
I often wonder but do not care
I like him being there
the music drowns out memory
we sing inside my car
and pretend that him and me
can drive away our misery
stop time with a rockstar
drive back to a time before
before he left, gave life away
and got out of my car


Requiescit In Pace

Daniel J. Phillips

 Deo, Optimo, Maximo

The Tailor



I awoke this morning and dressed in grief
The cloth well woven with disbelief
It fits too well, feels too tight
Did you know what you were weaving for me that night?
You dressed us all in clothes that bind
We can never remove, until the end of time
What made you become a tailor that night?
Weaving this garment of grief that fits too tight
The seams sewn tightly with your despair
The weight of this cloth too heavy to bear
You wove us all the same robes but you are released
Forever we are left wearing your clothing of grief

Audrey May Herron

one day here gone the next how can it happen so?
(if I could be anywhere I want
to my home I would go)
you can't find me and I not you
still we search for days
If one can disappear that easily there must be other ways
ways to find, ways to see
what disappeared so easily
(if I could wish myself away with my children I would play
home forever I would stay)
one so hard to take away
can now be lost within a day
if in a day she can be lost?
how long to find how high the cost?
(to be at back home not here alone)
the time it takes is years
the currency is tears
(someday I will come