Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry




The one who loves you will make you weep.....When love is suppressed hate takes its place.......


leaving my footsteps in the sand
for you to follow
on purpose
so the water will wash away
all traces of me
but so I can say
I wanted you
without having to have you

Symptomatically Yours

last night an itch began in the back of my brain
places that can never be reached
are causing me pain

I swear I feel it
it has come to stay
dry tickle in my throat
water can't wash away
by you

cramping my stomach in spasms of pain
making my skin crawl in God awful ways
fingernails of time can't ever relieve
I am afraid

symptomatically yours
I suffer
my head always aches
the thought of
what you did
your final mistake

are contagious

Set at a constant 102 degrees
waiting for this scarlet fever to heal
it never will be


symptomatically yours
you're my disease
I forever will be

I suffer incurable
no doctor exists
no solace for me
still suffering night sweats
I forever will be
lying in a cold bed
infected with the thought of


I am sorry
sorry there were
not enough petals
or days to prove
our love

I am sorry
sorry there was not
enough desire or
to prove mine

I am sorry
sorry I had to
pick and pull
off every leaf
in our book of days

All the while
in a sing song chant
of he loves me not


I Wait

as usual I wait
I have made peace
with pain
I rejoice in separation

I have learned to inhale the space between words
I exhale in whispers to myself
I can live on silence
I see with the dry eyes found between tears
my world parched of emotion
every sweep of my eyelid a scrape on my soul

I sleep in the hollow carved from a lover's last lie
curling up with his empty promises
I am hushed
in anticipation
I wait
I have learned to enjoy
this expectation
waiting for the next lover
to arrive


Our tree will die

Crying for rain
Our roots gone dry
When our root withers
so the tree must die

leaves all clinging
we hang on we try
clinging we remain
Yet our roots are withered
our tree must die

Trying too hard
we ignored the rain
striving for all sun
the cause of our pain

Crying for rain
I understand why
without pain roots wither
Our tree will die


Tapestry of Our Time

Light the fire

light the fire
walk away
desire once started
destroys this way
tearing and pulling my soul
the needing this wanting you
leave me alone leave me to be
I was numb before it was easy
you prod you pull the feeling
from me
then leave me with nothing
how cruel can you be?
do not start a fire you will
not feed
I am left with desire
full of need
left to bleed

The Seed

Swim My Eyes

Ohhhhhh please come
lie down in sighs
I will softly stroke
with luscious licking
glance of eyes
come on come in
feel me without touch
slide deep down swim
my eyes, in me
our bodies need not brush
up against
skin to skin
truly need not we
merge soul with soul
with eye
see me
my soul
come on
come in

In De Light

Attracted to the glow
your flame
beckoned by light of love
Creating a storm of change
I am different I am not who I was
Where is the I that I know
Lost now in flicker gold glow?
Knowing the risk
still I dance in your light
dip twist turn with total delight
ahh yes my wings it does singe
but the burns will remind
I have lived
I will live
I will dance with the light
I will risk my wings
in delight

Secretly I Conspire

Love unknown secret soft grows
thoughts of touch
I need I must
culminate in making
dreamstates of waking
such sweet yearning creates a burning
touch sense tastes feel
leaving life less real
fogs of fantasy
surrounding what is left of me
this wanting fuels fire
secretly I conspire
with my body
to lie
against you


Oh I know you are out there
I can feel you
so close
I breathe you I feel you
you come to me
your breath I hear
your eyes I see
my skin vibrates with the thought
sensations electric run down my soul
so close I am to finding thee
I know your out there
where can you be?
so near yet so faraway
you tease you tempt
you play this game
at night I dream
I know your name


Cruel Dance

When her heart slips from her eyes
her soul screams thundersighs
Who will stop the flood?
fill up the hole you've cut
so precisely, cold cruel tool
you call your tongue

Are you dancing delight in this
spinning your partner, whose heart you twist
across a floor finished with pain
are emotions gracefull to you
when the eyes you look into
fill with her soul's rain?

I appeal to you leave her be
don't make her dance with cruelty




take me in

let me show you

where I've been

I will tell the tale

softly with my skin

As I sigh I take you in

Salty slick salacious sin

I feel you coming


slide take you when

you least expect it

I will again

slide deep within


Once again truth demanded ugliness from me
to utter words unkind with reason still unclear
Truth insisted so I spoke, yet he would not hear
Lie would whisper in my ear far kinder is the sin
to take him in your arms tighter still hold him
say not a word leave the blank let him fill it in
Tis not your lie at all if in his heart it grows
let him sleep peacefully leave him in repose
Call not the lie a cruelty when truly truth is sin
killing off his lovely dreams, ripped out from within

Batter Me with Steel

Batter me rather with steel
Not words
a wound that bleeds can heal
Cut me deeply if you must
but I beg you make it real

Wounds inflicted in word alone
last far to long a time
I fear I can not carry more
I have had more than my share of mine

So batter me with steel alone
keep cruel words within
I would rather die a death in bone
than die slowly within


Love by The Porchlight

Assimilating attributes automatic
becoming believed between
crept contributed corners
delightfull detached design
ethos etruscan euphoric
figment fabricated from
gracefully glowing ghosts
hacienda's halo hue
incredible id illogical
Journey just juvenile
KISMET kept kisses
Love lies lovely lithe longing
making me masturbate
nude notoriety
obsessions obstruct obloquy
promises planted privately
queries quaint quaking
reaping ravenous responses
sweeping sweating salacious
temptations trepidous tumultous
unrequited until union
visitations vexing voracious
with wanton wanting whisps
xantippe xrays xenophobia
youth yearns youth
zestfull zoroastrian


What you Desire

Please tell me no more of love
false warmth from a mock sun
a foolish dream life's wasted on
frivoulous fantasies of finding the one

Yearning empty day and night
with sun and star and moon
Each moment an endless plight
spent aching for the one

Forgetting all of life's sweet taste
cursed as spent alone
ponder all we've laid to waste
while searching for the one

Don't waste your life searching
for the one to make you whole
look deeper down
what you desire
sleeps within your soul


Carve Your Heart

The patina of insecerity lies thick upon the wood
of the heart you claim
you've carved for me
Perhaps it's best you should
Trying sanding it
grind it down
to a deeper shine
before you try to give
to me something
that is not mine

I understand if you do not call

just recently I realised
I look everywhere for sex
each opportunity revealed to me
either simple or complex

ashamed I am, yes quite appalled
the truth be told
your just a feast to me
not a person, not at all
just a source of satiety

I never knew or faced the fact
which one I am not sure
but now I am taken aback
when I see just how I lure

I draw them in on a tongue of lies
my disinterest dressed in angel's wing
with silky skin and flirting eyes
feigning interest to veil the thing

The thing I need, the act I want
who you are matters not
your dreams your wishes your thoughts
be parsley green mental garnish

I am interested in just one thing
the heat a moment of fire
once well fed I need you less
I will no longer desire

So sorry I am
if I have offended
I did not know at all
but now I do so I tell you now
I understand if you do not call

Love Must Not (abecedarian)

absolute belief can destroy
everything for good
hope I just know
Love must not
open private quests
revealing stolen thoughts
usually viewed with
your zestfullness

Make of Me

Make of me
what you would have me be
arranging me
into this
your work of art
ripping tearing
my me apart
place small pieces left behind
into what you had in mind
but when your done
remember this
the one I was
you'll surely miss

Go Home

Please do not punish me with softly spoken lies
do not look too deeply when you gaze into my eyes
explore the lust
it is enough
yours and mine our bodies
is all we need to be
Let's be rough
wake lust up
rut like beasts in heat
do not waste my time or yours trying to be sweet
frankly I am sick of love
all of it's deceit
so be honest
take from me
I will take from you
then when I am done
go back home to her
I understand
He's home waiting for me too

Shadow Of Love


Now all we were is memory
floating whisps of bliss
I wonder if the end we could see
would we have come to this?

All the dreams all our hopes
now lost in winds of time
is there any way we could have known
I was never yours, you were not mine

All we had now memory
a shadow of our love
cast in timeless eternity
never to be cast again

Finally I Find My Target


I woke this morning decided
that I really hate my life
utterly boring as I am
I need a bit more strife

off to the market
I purchase
a brand new shiny gun
then I went out a hunting
I think I'll kill someone

appraising each as vicitim
looking at their size
that man is to big to bury
I do not like her eyes

they look like cows a marching
up and down the hill
I see now just how easy
how other people kill

finally I find my target
someone I truly despise
odd the way my new gun looks
with the barrel between my eyes







Palm of Your Hand

The Sound of a Tear



Slowly Seeps the Sin

Cruel cold closes in
hardens my heart.
So slowly seeps the sin,
deep down the deepest part.
Infected by this disease-dark.
I am left unable to feel,
my heart this sin does seal.
And now let my life begin;
anew less one small part.
Dark depths yet to swim.
Without the fear of Cupid's dart
 the deceit false love's art.
Strange that a disease can heal,
what is left of lovers zeal.

Your Heart

You'll search your soul and see
There is nothing left of me
Whatever was is gone
I have left you all alone
the love you used to feel
so deeply no longer real
Search in vain for your heart
I've left I have grown smart
I no longer wish to break
for your cruel and vain mistake
Far happier you will be
You have no use for me


The definition of LOVE:

Life's greatest emotion and joy
Only with the woman you love
Very intense is the feeling and pain of the heart
Everlasting for all eternity

I have a Rose