Ravings of a Mad Woman

The journey of a mind in the land of Poetry


upon waking this morn
I heard tell
Hope was gone
seems she took her own life
and others
deaths we all should mourn
course knowin Hope was dangerous
I stayed far away
rubbing elbows with Reality
seems safer most days
oh she was bright
yep real bubbly
damn downright gay
but anyone with a lick
of common sense knows
Happy ain't never stay'd
bein a drifter
he always been
a comin an a goin
travelin the wind
bout the time she got tanglin with 'im
most knew how it would end
see when the two was together
they lit up a room
but that kind of brightness
burns out too soon
leaving a darkness so deep
it will swallow most men
yep Happy and Hope
downright dangerous
yes Sir Amen

To Your Grave I would Run

how can it be so easy
to feel your mouth on my skin
to make of a shower your tongue
I am coming undone
bathing in such sin

how can it be wrong
to desire to long
if it feels so right?
trying to stop the flood
it's useless no good
you return everynight

infecting my dreams
with this your disease
I would glady succumb
if death felt so right
I would die each dark night
to your grave I would run


Afraid of the dark


Remember Last November

Then the mask fell........



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No shame in Death

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